Fast cleanup for slow cooking!™  Drip EZ Drip Pan Inserts™ and Drip EZ Drip Bucket Inserts™ make dealing with grease fast, clean and easy! 

Drip EZ Drip Pan Inserts™ keep your drip pan clean for better flavor with every cook.  Drip pan inserts can be changed in seconds with one hand and without removing the grate from your pellet grill.  No need to wrap or secure with foil.  Drip pan inserts will sit freely making them easy to remove for next cook! Just lift your grate and place 3-pack of inserts onto drip pan and start cooking!  Before your next cook just lift grate and peel off used insert--and a clean one is already in place!  

  • No more removing or scraping grease from drip pan! 

  • No more messy foil!

  • No more burned grease taste!

  • Insert a 3-pack all at once for easy convenience!  

  • Remove used insert in seconds.  Fast, clean and easy! 

Fits most popular models/sizes of pellet grills such as Traeger®, among other manufacturers.  


Medium Size - 3 Pack  $11.99

DRIPEZMD Fits grills similar to: Traeger Delux, Select, Select Pro