FireDisc Grills® (“FDG”) is based in Katy, Texas. FireDisc Grills® specializes in making the most versatile outdoor grill on the market today. Our FireDisc Grills® are handcrafted, will not rust, and perform to the highest standards set out by the founders of the company. We offer small and large FireDisc® products, covers, hoses and adapters. We believe in what we sell and we sell the best. FireDisc premium gas grills are made from highest quality carbon steel that deliver rugged durability, ease of use, and superior grilling characteristics. A FireDisc Grill can save you from the hassle and mess that you might get from some charcoal grills. Our company was founded by two brothers who set out to build a BBQ grill that would cook restaurant quality food, would be portable, and tough enough to take camping, tailgating, or survive years in the backyard.

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6 ft. Disc Security Lock      $59.99

TCGDSMLC6 Be prepared to be very popular” that is what we say when you purchase a FireDisc Grill. A one a kind grill deserves to be protected and what a better way to do that by using the adjustable locking cable system. The 6 ft' Disc Security Multi-Loop Cable Lock measures in at 6 ft long and features a 5/16in diameter PVC Coated steel cable for maximum strength and flexibility. The protective vinyl coating protects against scratches. The integrated pin tumbler 4 coded locking mechanism.